Thursday, May 23, 2013


I found this: Pagan Blog Prompts. Oh, I am totally going to participate! Today's prompt is destiny; "what comes around goes around" and "everything happens for a reason".

This is a hard prompt, especially posed right after all the tornadoes that stormed through Central America, the attack of a solider in London and murder in Birmingham, riots in Sweden, and much, much more. They seem like shallow and cruel answers to the question of "why did this happen?"

While I do think things happen for a reason, I am not naive enough to say that what comes around goes around and I am not cruel enough to say that things that happen are always good or that bad things happen as punishment for bad behavior. That would be exactly like sin, which I don't believe in, either as a Pagan or a liberal. Does the woman who was rape had it coming, because what goes around comes around? Does the parents of the children lost in the tornadoes care that things happen for a reason, and what reason could that possibly be anyway?

Sincerely, Loki.
Now I believe in the gods. All of them in fact; I am a hard polytheist (and also an omnist). However, I don't believe They are all good or all evil. They are complex and cannot be fully described by us. I do feel like we humans project our own feeling onto our specific deity (see Westboro and their hateful god). But the thing is, They are NOT like us at all. They do not think like us, They do not love like us, They do not live like us. We are toys to Them, objects of fascination that They spend Their attention on. Deities have and pick favorites, and Deities have and pick enemies and even frienemies. The kinfolk of Loki have a saying, "May Loki laugh with you more than He laughs at you."

What reasons can we possibly gather from Deities that may or may not look like us but don't share much else? Sometimes the reason is obvious, other times obscure, and sometimes there is no reason at all. It reminds me of a story from Farscape where Aeryn Sun tells of her species' god:

"Sebaceans once had a god called Djancaz-Bru. Six worlds prayed to her. They built her temples, conquered planets. And yet one day she still... rose up and destroyed all six worlds. And when the last warrior was dying, he... he said, 'We gave you everything, why did you destroy us?' And she looked down upon him and she whispered, 'Because I can.'" 
 So to get back around to destiny: I think that we have a purpose in life. I think that there is a loose plan for us, but it can change based on decisions we make. Sometimes our purpose in life is to die. It is an absolutely cruel but unavoidable truth. Sometimes your entire existence is only there as a lesson to others. Sometimes you carve out a purpose for yourself. Lots of times you follow the path that was laid out for you by society.

I think that life is fluid, like water. I think maybe there is some plan, and maybe there isn't. Perhaps this is just by-the-cuff and these beings are just winging it. Perhaps there is some overall order to this madness.

Maybe we are just a huge experiment. Maybe we are the control group, or maybe the experimental group. Who knows?

What is important is that we focus on ourselves, our community, and our society. What we do know is that nothing will be fixed without us and no change will happen unless we initiate it. The only endgame is the one we let happen.

And the only question I have is, why can't we just all get along already?

Peace or Death