Friday, August 3, 2012

Camping Cut Short

I am back! I was actually back last night. Let me tell you, it is a mistake to go camping or hiking in Texas in the middle of Summer when it is 107 degrees outside. Here are some choice pics from the trip.

Me and my lovely staff!

The bigger path.

Indian Grass, native to Texas. Looks like wheat.

Briars from off my shirt. Took me 2 hours to pick off

The smaller path

Sun setting, artistic photo?

When I looked behind  me, I saw the Moon. She took my breath away

And since this outing was a religious outing, I hiked a bit from camp and made a food offering. The bug in the picture was obviously unplanned. The circle was made from water.

But it looks so cool!
And then... I got scared and chickened out. There had been coyotes howling near camp and sounded like they were getting closer, and being a city slicker all my life I spooked. The food may have been a mistake, but it felt good anyway. Plus, ants had infested my tent. Argh!!!

However, there was a distinct feeling of sadness or regret while leaving, like I was missing something important. I smack myself now. Argh!!!!

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  1. I've done the camping Texas in 100+ degree weather! It isn't my fondest camping memory, but sometimes the urge to be outside in Nature is just too great to ignore, despite the heat.

    Great blog, by the way!