Links, Links, Links!

Here is a (growing) list of blogs, books, studies and surveys, and anything else I deem helpful with their respective link. Feel free to dig in deep people and learn!


  • Big Fat Deal - A blog started by Mo Pie and has two other bloggers, a great place with feminism, FA, and general life.

  • Body Love Wellness - A blog written by Golda Poretsky, an intuitive eating and body image coach.  

  • Dances With Fat - Ragen Chastain's blog. A wonderful person, she is every bit of what I strive to be. She is a "Dancer, Choreographer, Writer, Speaker, Fat Person." Must Read!

  • Fat And Not Afraid - Originally brought up here by the blogstress herself, Jennifer Rowe blogs about her life with a focus on HAES and body acceptance. Good to read!
  • Fat Fu - Most commonly known from the post Notes From the Fatosphere, this blog is run by two women who blog about FA and women issues (which really have quite a significant overlap). 

  • Fat Lot of Good - I believe this was/used to be/is written by the same person who writes Fat Fu. A good blog nonetheless.

  • Fat Nutritionist - truth in advertising. A great blog about body image and nutrition.

  • Fat Rant blog - Joy Nash's fat acceptance blog. She blogs about any and everything, but is still a great place. I especially like her Youtube videos. 

  • First, Do No Harm - a soul crushing blog written by people who have experienced discrimination in the medical field. Most stories recount tragedies that have happened.

  • HAES (Health At Every Size) Blog - Straight from the source, this blog is the epitome of the FA movement. HAES has helped the FA move forward with studies and continues to outline why the focus on weight over health is detrimental. 

  • Horrible Food Ogre - I don't know much about the blog, but read it anyway.

  • Kate Harding's active blog. A wonderful blog from a woman who's inactive site got me into the FA/BA movement.   

  • The Life and Loves of a Girl Called Felicity - truth in advertising. 

  • Live Once, Juicy - Written by a professional writer and editor, this blog is one of many awesome body acceptance blogs.

  • Living ~400lbs - a guy living his life at or near ~400lbs. Body acceptance and a great blog.

  • Pagan Health At Every Size - Pagan AND Health At Every Size. Can it be any better? 

  • Red No. 3 - a blog written by a guy this time! I don't know much about him, but this blog originally came up with Fat Bingo.

  • Round Shape - written by April D, she is a belly dancer, swimmer, and fat activist.

  • Shapely Prose - Kate Harding's inactive blog. This serves more as an archive than an actual blog. Kate has long since moved away from it, but all her posts are still there and all the links are still active. A must read for beginners.

  • Two Whole Cakes - "a blog written by Lesley Kinzel, a mouthy fat broad who deals in body politics, social justice activism, and pop-cultural criticism, usually from a feminist-flavored perspective." Used to be

Books and Book Search Engines:

  •  Lessons from the Fatosphere and Screw Inner Beauty -  Both books are co-authored by Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby. Quote from the site: "The bad news: there probably isn’t a thin person inside you waiting to get out. But there just might be a happy, confident, awesome fat person in there – and this book will help you find her." 

Surveys and Studies

  • Dr. Linda Bacon - Here is her home page. Her "Resource" page is full of helpful information. From the site: "Dr. Bacon has multi-disciplinary training, including graduate degrees in physiology (specializing in nutrition), psychology, and exercise science. She is committed to educating people on the scientific evidence that underlies our understanding of weight."


  • ASDAH (Association for Size Diversity and Health) - From the site: "ASDAH is an international professional organization composed of individual members who are committed to the Health At Every Size® (HAES) principles.  Our mission is to promote education, research, and the provision of services which enhance health and well-being, and which are free from weight-based assumptions and weight discrimination."

Picture Projects

  • The Adipositivity Project - "aims to promote size acceptance, not by listing the merits of big people, or detailing examples of excellence (these things are easily seen all around us), but rather, through a visual display of fat physicality. The sort that's normally unseen. The hope is to widen definitions of physical beauty. Literally" NSFW

  • Illistrated BMI Categories - originally started by Kate Harding, this picture fest is a great example of how skewed the BMI is, and how ridiculous it is. A must see.

  • Uppity Fatty - The "self-serve sister of Adipositivity Project." If you looked at the Adipositivity Project and thought, "I want to post a picture of myself so I can be fat positive!", now you can! NSFW

Other Sites, Just Because

  • Chicken Smoothie - I joined this site back in 2008 and haven't been disappointed since. A free site where you can "adopt" growable pets; no food, water, or care necessary. There are new pets every first of the month and they have special events and holidays they do throughout the year.

  • Girl Genius - A Steampunk Story!! An enthralling thriller full of amazing and fantastical characters drawn and colored in a fantabulous way. Truly something to read!

If you have a recommendation to any of the above categories and I do not have it on here, please feel free to shoot me an email! I will be more than happy to add any relevant and good knowledge to this list.


  1. Don't miss Ragen Chastain's Dances with Fat blog!

    1. I can't believe I missed Ragen's blog!!! I even linked to it in a post of mine! Thank you for catching that. :)