Hail and Welcome to The Fat Pagan blogspot! Here I will be discussing the issue of fat acceptance/body acceptance with regards to my faith as a Pagan. I am on my own personal journey to becoming a healthier person and am not so worried about what my "idealized" weight should be. Everybody has a natural shape their body wants them to be, and as a Pagan I am all for natural.

I am currently in college to attain my Associates of Applied Science as an ASL Interpreter, however I just recently changed to this direction. My background was originally science, specifically biology. I am well versed in Biology for science majors, upper level psychology, physiology and body building. This semester I am taking; ASL 4, Fingerspelling and Numbers, Intro to Interpreting, English 2, and Physical Concepts (I despise that class).

Body building?? What? Yes, I am a novice body builder! My favorite exercise is pumping iron and sweating on the cardio machines. I also enjoy zumba (amazing!!!), mountain climbing and hiking, rock wall climbing, bicycling, swimming (was a lifeguard in the summer of 2012, looking forward to being a lifeguard lead in 2013), ceramics and drawing, and generally having fun. Sure, I have my down time activities like meditation, video games (currently in LOVE with Assassin's Creed series), and reading. I am busy most of the time.
Me at the Fort Worth Zoo

My favorite thing, however, is learning, studying and practicing my faith. I am a Pagan and can be considered a full on witch for 7 years now, although I was a witch before I discovered the name for it. Like others, when I converted to Paganism, it felt like home. Nay, it felt more than that, like being wrapped in the loving arms of a parent or lover. Truly it was, and still is, a balm to my soul. I practice the Sabbats in a local coven, but do much solitary. I pride myself on my tarot abilities, and my other Goddess given gifts. One day soon, I hope to contribute something to my community.

At the moment, I do volunteer work in the Deaf community and also at the local Humane Society. When I get my interpreting degree, I hope to volunteer to work at Pagan conventions, providing my services for the Deaf brothers and sisters. I donate to charity when I can afford it, and love the philosophy of reduce/reuse/recycle. I plan to grow my own garden of herbs and wish to become a Registered Herbalist sometime in the future.
On top of a "hill" in Texas. That hill was nothing compared to the Sierra Nevadas.
For the growth of my faith, I plan on/am studying for a major or minor in: psychology, sociology, biology, chemistry, herbalism/botany, geology, astrology/astronomy, counseling, health, philosophy, EMT training, and languages. Eventually, I will become a Ph.D in some field (maybe languages? I love languages. I speak/know English, Spanish, ASL, German, and Japanese. <3 If I could be a multi purpose interpreter and get paid really well for it, I would just love it.)

That's a rock face that I had just got done climbing. It keeps going up about 700 ft.
Now I am writing this blog. I hope it to become a multi purpose blog as well, with tips, recipes, body love and body acceptance, pagan stuff, music, and studies. Maybe I'll even post about my art.

Hasta pronto.
In case you were wondering if I really was fat. 'Tis true!
 If you want to connect with me, here is my facebook account. Yes, I am totally into anime fox girls, stfu about it.

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