Monday, December 9, 2013


Hey Pagans, how many of you are from exclusively Pagan families? Anyone...?
I am from a Catholic background, and now my immediate family is pretty solidly atheist (my mother is even an atheist priest). I am just starting out on my "own" (with roommates) and have little decorations for my apartment, but it's growing... however, my parents --specifically my mother-- has a crap ton of Christmas decorations that she has re-purposed into Hogswatch decorations. That's right, we now celebrate Hogswatch. For our purposes, Hogswatch can be on any day towards the end of the December month, and will probably be sometime after the 28th due to divorce and custody shit. 
So it's pretty awesome for my family to have Yule and Hogswatch -- like having three birthdays! 
Anyway, I think I will be making some of my Yule decorations this year by hand instead of buying something. Wanna see?  

Clear Glass Ornament Balls 3-1/4in

Clear Glass Ornament Balls with Silver Tops (6 ornaments/box ) 2-5/8" Size

kids christmas list inside glass ornament

Aren't they adorable??? I would also like to make some Yule suncatchers, in honor of the Horned God coming back. Something like this...

COOL. I particularly like the silver leaflets inside. Perhaps some silver leaflets (aluminum foil?) in blues and purples for the Goddess and some gold leaflets (aluminum foil spray painted?) in reds and oranges for the God. I think I will also take some of the wire I have left over to make a mobile. Hmm....

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