Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Well Played, Mom

In my family, there is a type of "curse." Every person in my family has become a parent when they turned 20 years old. I was determined to break this. I found out last week that I was terribly wrong.

Otouto means "younger brother" in Japanese
Am I pregnant? No, but I will be taking care of my brother until I don't know when. He is an 11 year old who has had a shitty year. I hope that I can make 2013 a better year for him. His name will be Otouto [o-TOE-oo-toe] for the purpose of this blog (it means "younger brother" in Japanese). Kachan [ka-chan] will be my birth mother's name, Chichiue [che-CHE-oo-ee] is my mother's boyfriend, and Oyaji [O-yah-gee] for my bastard father.

Anyway, I am getting Otouto because Oyaji wouldn't mediate with Kachan, even though she put up not having to pay child support, medical support, and having visitation whenever he wanted. He just flat out said absolutely not. Kachan has to go out of state and can't stay here in Texas, and the last time Otouto went to live with Oyaji, Otouto ended up with an untreated upper respiratory infection, his teachers were buying him clothes because Otouto stunk so bad he was getting picked on in class, the dogs were pissing and shitting in Otouto's room and wasn't being cleaned up, and the only "food" in the fridge was beer. Not to mention that Otouto ended up pulling a shot gun on some kids who were in the apartment and Oyaji wasn't giving him his ADHD pills. So, going with Oyaji isn't an option.

That leaves me. So, at the end of the year, I will be a mom without having to give birth. 

You know, I think this is a cosmic joke, honestly. Why? Because I always bitched about not wanting to be a mother and very much disliking children and the whole bit. However, I am not complaining -- in fact I am pretty happy about this. I do love my brother and I want him to be happy and I very much will do everything to let him be happy. Plus, I will be able to focus on school and still be home for Otouto.

I accept your challenge Mother. 


  1. It's a good thing you're doing for your brother, and I know you'll provide the stability he needs to thrive. Good luck to you both!

  2. I wish it wasn't happening this way. I wish your father would see that he's making things infinitely more difficult for you and putting your college education in jeopardy. I wish he cared about that. I wish he'd get over his delusion that he can care for your brother.