Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ah, Lupercalia

This past week (Feb 13-15th) was Lupercalia, as I am sure you pagans know. For those who don't, it's a general "Spring Cleaning" ritual that the Romans used to do. In (late) honor of this holy day, how about a cleansing ritual? No need to sacrifice two goats and a dog, either! /BoNuS/

This picture comes from a cleaning service. O_o
First, cleaning! Yay, fun. Clean your entire house/apartment/living quarters and make sure that you continually focus on cleaning. Think about all the germs you are killing and any potential diseases being avoided. Think about how nice it will feel to be in a fully cleaned house. Make sure you get the walls; inside the closets, cabinets, and pantry; all the corners; even under your bed. If you have children you can encourage them to participate and help them (because kids like helping but are really bad at doing it themselves. Plus, it is a good activity to teach cleaning habits...).

Clean your altar too! Make sure to wipe off all the dust and pick up any tools you have and put them to your heart or head. Thank them for their service and charge them with love. If you have a permanent shelf, table, or place, clean the surface in a clockwise (deosil) motion. If your permanent place happens to be wood, you can take olive oil and lemon juice to clean it.

When the house is clean, it's time for the (more) fun part: cleansing and warding!

What you need:
One or two Sage bundles
Lighter or matches

Decide now if you are going to first banish any negativity and then charge the house, or if you will just charge alone and make any appropriate changes in the amount of items. Place all the items in the northern part of your house (or wherever you live), where you will start. For the water, you should put some salt into it and stir it deosil three time, but make sure that you have a separate dish for salt as well. Bless the items for their corresponding Elements. Say something like:

Guardians of the North, Spirits of Earth, ye who are the ground beneath my feet and the bones of my body, I ask thee to bless this salt with protection and prosperity for the benefit of this house and those who reside within it. Blessed Be! (Trace deosil either on the dish or in the salt as you say this, charging it)

Guardians of the East, Spirits of Air, ye who are the winds of secrets and the breathe in my lungs, I ask thee to bless this sage with protection and good will for the benefit of this house and those who reside within it. Blessed Be! (place hand over sage or have sage in hand and charge it with the intentions)

Guardians of the South, Spirits of Fire, ye who are the catalysis for change and the spark of life in my soul, I ask thee to bless this candle with protection and righteous passion for the benefit of this house and those who reside within it. Blessed Be! (Charge the candle and then light it.)

Guardians of the West, Spirits of Water, ye who are the persistent flow of of time and the blood in my veins, I ask thee to bless this water with protection and healing for the benefit of this house and those who reside within it. (Dip finger in water and stir deosil, charging it)
Pick up the salt and, depending on whether you decided to banish first or not, go around the house sprinkling the salt around. If you are banishing, say something like "I banish all the negativity from this house. No negativity may enter here." If not, say something like "I bless this house with the power of Earth (for the salt, you will change accordingly) and with the blessings of the Lady and Lord for the protection and prosperity (changing for the others as well) of those who live here."  Imagine you are drawing a protective circle around the house that will reach above and below the house as well, like a bubble. Do this for each of the other Elements, except that the difference is that with the sage, candle, and sage you will draw a pentacle on every window and door, including any that are in the house (for example, the bathroom doors and windows into another room). Make SURE to get into any cabinets, drawers, doors, closets, attic, basement, and anywhere else things can hide.

At this point, if you want to bless the house with a patron Deity or with the Lady and Lord, go ahead and do so.

 Enjoy your physically and spiritually clean house! Blessings.

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