Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Do You Desire?

This came across my news feed yesterday. It took my breath away.

What do I desire? What if money was no object? What would I like to do with my life?

I would.....

Do everything. I would read a library or two. I would hike mountains and ride horses and surf and skydive and bungee jump and para-sail and cliff dive and cave dive and explore the sea and experience space. I would visit the world and speak 6, 7, 8, 10 languages and try to comprehend other cultures and see exotic animals and taste the fresh air and hear the unearthly sunshine through the trees and touch the spark of Life.

I would found grocery stores in the middle of food deserts that would be non-profit or at least would sink the majority of the profits back into the business and surrounding community. It would pay the employees at least a living wage - if not more-, and would provide benefits like Costco does. It would have a small time loan office where people can borrow money for necessities at a very, very low interest rate or perhaps no interest rate at all with the choice of giving what you can.

I would found a fully non-profit Temple that would offer everything from yoga to meditations to affordable, non religious child care that engages the children to worldwide celebrations that would raise money for community action and benefits. It would have its own garden with food for the community as well as the Temple. Maybe it will even have goats for milk and chickens for eggs. And it would have a membership, and the members get to choose where the extra money goes every year, like a Board of Directors would.

I would buy larges swaths of land and make them into preserves so no one could develop it. I would buy land and make it a natural burial ground like Circle Sanctuary has. I would advocate for legalizing hemp. I would also advocate for legalizing marijuana and taxing it. I would make a business out of Hempcrete and hemp foods and hemp building materials and hemp things.

I would be an interpreter, a physical fitness coach, a veterinarian, a doctor, a judge, a lawyer, a psychologist, a sociologist, a biologist, an astronomer, a scuba diver, a High Priestess, a singer, a dancer, an actress, a politician, an advocate, a protester, a hermit, a public speaker.

Most of all, I want to stay happy. I want to go to bed every night and know I have done something good for someone else for nothing in return. I want to help people.

What do YOU desire? Post in the comments!!!

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  1. great post. I already answered this on Fb.