Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hail and Welcome

Hail and Welcome to The Fat Pagan blogspot! Here I will be discussing the issue of fat acceptance/body acceptance with regards to my faith as a Pagan. I am on my own personal journey to becoming a healthier person and am not so worried about what my "idealized" weight should be. Everybody has a natural shape their body wants them to be, and as a Pagan I am all for natural.

In a society that covets thin people and stubbornly clings to their ridiculous notions, what should us fatties do? Stubbornly push back harder.

In a society that believes thin equals healthy, we as people of ALL sizes should prove them wrong, that thin does not equal healthy and that fat does not equal unhealthy.

What should we as Pagans do? Why, we should pass the mead and a leg of boar!

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