Monday, June 11, 2012

Feel Good Tips

A bit down in the dumps? Want a picker upper or are you more interested in a change of attitude? Whatever your goals, here are some tips to make you feel good.

Laugh! Strive to laugh at least three times a day. You know what they say, a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.

Do something you enjoy doing. Go outside, go for a walk, play a game with your family, start a garden, go volunteer. Just get up and enjoy movement.

Meditate. Meditation makes you feel great and allows you to control feelings like anger and sadness. A simple meditation can be found anywhere nowadays, from youtube to yoga sites and everywhere between.

Tell the truth. It is much more simple to tell the truth than to tell lies. You don't have to remember so much and you don't have to fret over it. A temporary pain is better than a long term pain later.

Treat yourself like royalty. Don't put yourself down, don't ridicule yourself, don't find flaws. That tiny blemish is only noticeable to you. Your "horrible nose" is only horrible to you. Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on what is positive. Your hair is beautiful, your eyes are gorgeous, your skin looks awesome.

Accept compliments from others, and don't dismiss them. If someone tells you that you are looking great today, you can say something like "thanks, I look/feel great every day!" If someone thinks you are beautiful, don't say otherwise because you are beautiful! Just because you don't think you look good doesn't mean others think the same way.

Forgiveness. Forgiving others is a noble thing, but I think it is more important to forgive yourself. Don't beat yourself over the head for things. Instead of insulting yourself for missing that goal, think about how you are going to get it next time.

"Losers quit, winners try again." It took me three tries to pass a 200 yard swim test so I could be a deep water guard. If I had quit the first time, I would have never made it. As a realist, it is hard for me to be positive, but I do push myself forward. When you finally get it, you will jump for joy.

Challenge yourself every day. Challenge your beliefs, your thought process, your information, your life. Question everything; nothing and no one is above questioning. Asking why is not bad at all!

Don't deny yourself. If you want that doughnut, eat it. If you want that car, go and get it (legally). Buy those tickets and go out with friends. Saying no all the time makes you unhappy.

Plan in fun. I know money may be tight, but there are plenty of things you can do that won't cost much or anything at all. Try getting together with friends for Ultimate Frisbee, or playing video games. If you can afford it, treat yourself to a good restaurant or go to the movies. All work and no play makes Jack go crazy.

Exercise. I know, I know, but it really does make you feel great. The Runner's High after exercise makes you feel pretty damn good about things and puts you in a good mood. Try yoga, cardio, weight training, or even dancing! I personally like Zumba. <3

Nutrition is important to your health and well being. I really recommend getting good nutrition into the way you eat, and I also recommend taking multivitamins. While supplements like pills are a good thing, remember that supplements are only supplements and are not meant to replace anything. Preferably you should be getting the proper nutrients from the foods you eat.

Learn something new every day. Vacations, breaks, and days off are not an excuse to stop learning. We are learning creatures! Read a book, a good website, or just look into something you aren't familiar with.

Banish fear. Don't be afraid of something, understand it. Are you scared about Islam? Read about it from actual Muslims, talk to actual Muslims, or even read the Qur'an yourself. Scared about leaving the country? Why not learn about a different country. If you are really good at languages, learn it! Scared of the dark? Meditate in it, walk in it, see through it and understand that the dark is only the reflection of deeper fears you must confront.

Don't be afraid to walk alone on your path. I understand that sometimes it is a lonely road to walk, and sometimes there is real opposition, but if you don't follow your heart you won't be happy.

Don't be afraid to stand up for what is right. Just because many people do it doesn't make it right. If everyone beat puppies to death, would you do it too? Even if it is just a small thing, like a negative comment made by someone, challenge it. Silence is taken as acceptance.

Listen to good music! I have been on a Faun kick for a while. They are so awesome! Although, Metal Mother is really good too, and I really like this song called Yeye Chango by Amikaeyla And Ariana. If you have a Youtube account, I recommend KeepMusicPagan's page. It is full of soulful music.

Speak wisely. Words that escape from the lips can never be taken back, no matter how much you want them to. Don't say hurtful things to people and try to think about what you are going to say. It makes your words even more valued.

Realize that the faults that you see in others are the reflection of yourself. Do you see something you don't like in your co-workers? Strive to not do those things yourself. Is someone spreading gossip like it's none of hir business? Don't associate with that person, and don't spread gossip yourself.

Be the example that you want others to be. Be that compassionate person who gives, who is wise and careful and loving and hard working. Lead by example.

Give and receive wisdom. Share the things that you know well and listen to those who know things you do not. Learn from other people's mistakes, and teach other people your mistakes.

Once you accept yourself, you should strive to accept others as well. No one is perfect.

Logic and reason are your best friends. Embrace them.

I think that is it for now! Maybe there will be a part two later. Enjoy your life!!!

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