Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trigger Week and Clubs

Trigger warning: talk of fat bashing, but then it gets better.

My college classes just started about a week or so ago, and I can honestly say that I enjoy most of them. My English professor is a hoot, Intro to Interpreting has already promised to be challenging, and Fingerspelling and Numbers and ASL 4 are still being taught by some of my favorite Deaf professors.

The exception? Concepts of Physical Fitness. It is a required course for graduation, and I can't substitute it for anything else. Let me tell you, it is the biggest trigger for me in years. Oh, you wouldn't believe some of the crap coming out of the (woman) co-professor's mouth. Or maybe you know exactly what they say. Let me say, I specifically looked for the professor I currently have because he is somewhat body positive (at least more so than any other professor in the health department) and I can stand him. Unfortunately, to "save space," the Health Department decided that two Concept classes should be put together in the same room. Yay, I get a professor I wanted in the first place with another who I dislike very much. Because of this, I had a hellacious week.

It started with Concepts class (surprise). We started lecture, and the woman professor went through the chapters with us. She went through all the usual propaganda of "our children will die before us!" and "the obesity epidemic is on the rise." When I told her that the information was incorrect, and that new data says otherwise, she told me that the book was up-to-date as of 2010. Y'all, just not. A lie repeated a million times is still a lie. Then she said she "used to be fat and 10lbs overweight but now I'm thin and healthy." That's great for you, but don't think that what you did will translate to anyone else. And ten pounds, really?

The real kicker, and my final straw, was when she went off on a tangent and said that all fat people are lazy couch potatoes that do nothing but shove their faces full of processed foods and have a constant diet of fast foods and that all fat people would be healthy if they would just get off their lazy asses and exercise and eat right. Dafaq? Just, dafaq? If I have another three months of this coming, I don't want to take this class anymore. I just wanted to scream and shake her! Alas, I didn't.

Afterwards, I posted on Body Love Wellness' facebook page about help for this situation and what I should do about it. Golda turned around and posted it for her fans and they gave great information, and I will be pursuing them. The suggestions were:

  • Get Dr. Linda Bacon's book, read it, read the research, and quote it. Already ordered it!
  • Challenge the information and discuss it with the professor privately. I may do this first, to try and convince both the professors to lay off it. 
  • Keep a journal, write my thoughts and impressions, and talk to a therapist. I have never been good at keeping journals (that's why my BOS and Dream Journal is still a major WIP. /forshame/)
  • Write an article in the college newspaper. This is a great idea, and I actually am working towards that. I met the producer of my college's radio show and she used to work for the college paper. She said she would be glad to give me an interview on the show and that she would also recommend me to the newspaper too. Whoot!
  • Blog about it! (ehehehehe)
  • Ask for a day to lead the discussion. I will honestly try this! 
  • Write a two page handout for people and distribute it throughout the class. I think this is another great idea, and I think that I will do this not only in the class, but also as a club activity.
Club activity???  Yes! I have started the process towards getting a Health At Every Size club up and running at my local college after the class incident. After three semesters of searching for a sponsor, I had to go outside of the Health Department and found one in the Art Department. I am so grateful for my sponsor, and she has some tales of her own. Touki has had bariatric surgery and went through a roller coaster ride from it. I am sure she will be a great resource.

Happy thoughts. Mmm, I wonder where this goes?
But, it was because I was looking for a way to get the club up that I ran into the Student Organization part of the college. I showed up, and since I had been there before, the secretary knew me and what I was attempting. She told me that she was going to put together a panel in March that talked about body image and that she was looking for participants. She asked me and I suggested a Sociologist because body image has most of its roots as a social construct. The secretary also said she might ask me to join as well. Yay!

But, while I have had a crazy week, I have been struggling with myself. I have relapsed (more on that on a later post) and I'm not feeling well. I am ashamed that something like this has affected me so much, but then again, I wasn't where I wanted to be in the first place. And so, here begins the road to recovery, but this time it will be paved myself, mending my self and self-esteem to create an internal anchor. A sword only gets stronger by being beaten and sharpened, beaten and sharpened. I look forward with anticipation.

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  1. (((Nikki))) I love you. That course really was a whole bunch of suck for me, too. I'm so sorry.