Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why I don't like Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is on its 14th season, and recently decided that they would include children on their program. You might be saying, "Oh, this is great. The child epidemic is finally being addressed in a successful program like BL." Well no, this is actually a bad turn of events. While I can sit here and retell you everything these next links will, I'm not. So go and read these, because holy crap.

Season 3 Biggest Loser Finalist, Kai Hibbar, recounts her traumatic experiences on the Ranch, and the horrible conditions people were forced to endure for the sake of Reality TV. 

Biggest Loser contestants can't talk out about it though, or they risk a million dollar fine.

Meanwhile, Jillian Michaels says on air that she was "proud I made [Season 2 contestant Greg] vomit." She also says she makes the contestants vomit when they work big muscle groups and that vomiting expels toxins. Where the fuck did you get your health degree, because it needs to be revoked!

How about the fact that the Biggest Loser destroys contestants metabolism?

There are other things, like previous contestants saying they have gained almost all their weight back after they left the ranch and have very bad food issues afterwards. And to have these things now pressed on children? I think not.

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