Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Japanese Names?

It's come to my attention that perhaps you guys don't know why I use Japanese names for the people in my life. Mostly it's because I need a way to at least marginally protect the identities of these people and to cover my own ass. The other reason is because my Craft name is Japanese. So, here is the breakdown of the people and why they are that name.

Kitsune - my name. It means "fox" but means oh so much more than that. They are magickal creatures who can be around for various reasons; to teach lessons, to put someone in their place, for love, to learn themselves, or to pass a message from the Gods (specifically Inari the Rice God/dess). Perhaps I fell in love with kitsunes because of their attributes and because I may be selfish and want these qualities myself, or because... well I have no other reason. ^^;

Ka-chan - this means "Mother" and is less formal (but not impolite) and common way of addressing your mother. "-chan" is also a suffix for a familiar female person and usually denotes affection. 

Chichiue - this means "father" and is considered an affectionate way of saying it. While Chichiue isn't actually my birth father, he is the man that I think of as my dad the most.

Otouto - means "younger brother." Otouto is 9 and 1/2 years younger than me. Truth in advertising.

Oyaji - means "father" but is impolite and considered rude. Oyaji is my birth father and is the one who has been causing problems recently. No affection is lost here.

Mata - means "again, also, and fork in the road." It is also my shorthand for mataitoko, which means "second cousin." Mata is very energetic, very outgoing, very in your face, very all the time. While she isn't technically my cousin at all, she is still considered family.

Futa - means "set, pair, or lid/cover." This too is my shorthand for futaitoko, which also means "second cousin." Futa is a reserved man, very quiet. He speaks when he has something to day and very much is a pair to Mata. While he isn't technically my cousin, he too is considered family.

Kouko - means "anxiety, worry, the public, and financial corporations" which completely embodies my roommate. He worries so much about everything, and happens to work for a financial company.

Touki - means "pottery, ceramics, fighting spirit, and rise" among other things. She is my club sponsor and a professor of ceramics.

If more names happen to crop up, they will be updated here.

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