Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Other Interests Are Important

I was told, in no uncertain words, that I shouldn't focus 100% on one thing, that I should have other interests and hobbies other than whatever it is that I am currently focusing on. You know what? I think that person is right.

So, I am interested in other things besides Health At Every Size (tm). I am interested in exercising, in healthy foods, in American Sign Language, in ASL Interpreting, in volunteering, in animals, in world religions, in cars to a lesser degree, in art and especially ceramics, in Paganism, in the news and goings on of the Native American population.

I am interested in raising my brother and taking care of him. I am interested in getting a job where I can make more than minimum wage. I am interested in people and what they do and what they think and why they think that and why they do what they do and how they gather and where and why and who and what and when and how (I think this is called psychology and sociology).
Dancing, singing, teaching, and graduating. Diversity!

I am interested in biology by a lot. I want to know what the body does, why it does that, how it does it, and what miracles it holds. For instance, during a pregnancy absolutely everything has to go JUST right in order to have a healthy child and if one thing goes wrong the body purges it (which is usually either a clump of cells - ie, your period - or a miscarriage). Or did you know that scientists can now create stem cells out of your skin cells?

I was originally interested in becoming a veterinarian for horses and livestock. When my dreams were crushed and I saw my first ASL interpreter and consequently my first deaf man, I decided to change paths. However, I am still ultra interested in science, as it makes quite a base for my personal beliefs. I especially like quantum mechanics and physics.

I am currently learning about accounting and PC systems, along with my regular class courses of English, ASL, Interpreting, Fingerspelling, and PE this Spring semester. Who knows what I will be doing next semester!

So then, what are you doing? What is your diversity like?
I know, Herbalism!!!!

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