Saturday, July 21, 2012

Taking Stock

A few days ago I wrote about the Obesity Crisis that flared up in the Pagan community and got a lot of comments about it. Today, I am collecting all the issues raised in the comment section and will eventually link out this post. Some links will be posts I haven't written yet, others will be from across the net. For now, here are some of the ideas/issues more or less in order of comment.

  • David Grega's weight. Seriously, none of anyone's business. If you wanna drag that into things, then why not consider that his weight loss probably contributed to the stress on his heart. 
    • How if David had been "normal" looking from the get go, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  • Peter Dybing, I put this in the comment section but I dunno if you saw. Thank you for commenting on that article. I hope that you didn't take the post as a personal attack; I wasn't attacking you, only the facts you presented. I still respect you and all that you have done. May you continue to be blessed.
  • Obesity Paradoxes. That one will be very fun.
  • Body and soul, working together, not to be separated. <--- from a link
  • Naturally fat animals, like camels, whales, elephants, bears and other hibernators, most mammalian marine animals, rodents, birds, reptiles, etc.
  • Importance of fat in the body and the importance of having fat in your diet.
  • Credentials, specifically mine.
  • Cash flow with the diet industry. Diet industry sucks (so does the FDA, btw)
  • HAES and food habits/relationships.
  • The relationship between disease and weight, namely that many diseases cause weight gain
  • Pagans, body acceptance, and what it means/how to do it.
  • ****True Scotsmen argument (If you were a REAL Pagan, you wouldn't be fat/would eat better/take care of yourself better/etc)
  • Discrimination in the Real World (esp in the medical field)
  • People were fat at the beginning of time. Only recently have humans decided thin was in. Art anyone?
  • Health, Argobiz, organic (isn't better), and cost to buy good food.
  • **** Address "questionable data" comment. If you cannot accept pure science, then I cannot help you. Your preconceived notions are too strong.
    • Common fat bashing debunked. ----> Round Shape
    • Debunk "if you would only eat healthier/fresher/local/grow it yourself."
  • Obesity only in Paganism, not New Age or Native religions? I think not.
  •  Disease appearing in animals that live longer, like dogs developing diabetes.
  • Weight Watchers IS a diet, even if you don't call it a diet. Also, WW sucks at people keeping the weight off.
    • Weight being a "choice" (hint: it isn't)**
  • Obesity is NOT an epidemic
  • BMI is a poor measurement of health, and was created for insurance companies to screw people over. Here is the Illustrated BMI Categories for those who are picture people.
  • Being criticized, ridiculed, and laughed at for just existing is a real, crippling, self destroying fear that has been conditioned into fat people. Body chemistry is physically changed after prolonged bullying and complete shut down actually happens. 
    • Dismissing someone's fear is beyond asinine.
  • Fat Liberation Manifesto
 Yes, I know some (most) of these don't have links. Be patient! I will dig soon enough.

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  1. You should really read up on the concept of "Confirmation bias."